January 23, 2013

Wish Wednesday ~ #4

Welcome to Wednesday! I hope the first part of your week is going well!

Let's jump right into the pretties!

Look at all the jars!! Check out the link for other crafty jar ideas!

Did you know that it's been in the -30 degrees Celsius range? With the windchill we even made it down to -40!!

Just like the benches from my first #wishwednesday, I love this concept!!

Whoa hello awesomest camp food ever! SO trying that this summer!!!

Check out the nook!! Actually, check out the whole kitchen! Love, love, LOVE everything about it!!

My dream tub is freestanding, at least 6 feet long and three feet deep... what's yours?
What adorable little labels! Free download at the page too!!

Hope you enjoyed! Which one is your favourite??
Cheers!! xoxo!

Links: Mason Jars - Sortature, Heater - Kelly's Camping, Chair - dornob, Oranges - Chow, Nook - House of Turquoise, Tub - style-files, Lables - World Label

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