July 15, 2015

The Honey will FLOW!!

If you follow my tumblr blog you'll know that my Honey Flow frames arrived at the beginning of the month. In my region the big honey flow starts right around that time and since I'd had a swarm at the end of June I wasn't sure if I'd have a chance to try the frames out this year.
Cutting the box
I had one more super left over after assembling my current hives and making a home for the swarm so I figured, what the heck? I went for it.

On Monday my resident handyman (read: dad) helped me make the necessary cuts in my last super and we dropped the frames in!
Finished cuts!

My super seems to be a little smaller than the one in the instructions so I (may regret this decision later) decided to not screw the frames into place. They're almost snuggly fit in and I'm sure the bees won't mind.

The weather managed to smarten up last night for a few hours giving me time to visit all my hives, cut off a couple queen cells (I'm not ready to deal with queen rearing just yet!!!) and install the Flow Frame super on my strongest hive (the one that didn't swarm).

Like a knob though... I forgot to take a picture of my three super frame with the flow frames in it so I'll have to stop by after work and give you a quick snap of that!

putting the doors in place