May 08, 2013

Wish Wednesday ~ #7!!!!

Spring is in the air here in NWO! I can feel it, and I know you'll be able to see it in my list of fancies this wednesday!

This dining room reminds me of a picnic! So light!!
I would die happy if I had stairs like this in my house!!

I don't really have the body shape for a dress like this... but I love it and would wear it all the same!!
And since we're on ModCloth...
Don't these inspire memories of the movie Marie Antoinette??
Isn't this just a gorgeous room? Check out the whole house! So airy and beautiful :)

Just a short one this week! I hadn't been planning on jumping back on the wagon so suddenly, so I wasn't prepared!! More next week!! Promise!


Links: Flowery Dining Room - ivillage, Stairs - Lynne Knowlton, Dress - ModCloth, Shoes - ModCloth, House - House Of Turquoise,

Long time coming..

I won't bore you with a whole long post full of apologies and excuses, I'll be quick and then we'll be on our way...

I went to Ottawa in February to see my boyfriend of 4.5 years for his birthday. Ottawa is 2000km away from here so I took a week off work and the total cost (not including lost wages) was over $2500.

After I got home (not while I was there), he dumped me.

The end.

This has is taking a long time to get over, but I'm coping. Don't worry about me, I'm a tough chick.

Now, onto regular posts!!

I am very sorry for the delay.