May 17, 2013

Friday Fitness Update!

Oh my gosh... where do I start?!

When I last left you I was sitting at about 153 pounds and I was in love with my ellpitical.

Well I haven't been on the elliptical in about 4 weeks!  But don't worry, I haven't given up on the fitness!
Aren't they purty?

I've started rollerblading!! And I have to tell you... I'm in love.

I haven't skated in almost 8 years, the last time being when I went to a cadet camp where on weekends you could go mountain biking (which I did then too... which I want to take up again too!) or borrow roller blades or go to the canteen or... well, I stopped there because I was able to fill my weekends of the 6 weeks I was there with biking and skating :)

My first ride I just went around in circles for about an hour in  drive way... but that got boring so I struck out on the highway (which is right at the end of my driveway). When I'm feeling "lazy" I o 5km out (and 5 back for a total for 10), and when I'm feeling more adventurous I just give 'er! My furthest so far has been 16.6km out (so a total of 33.2km!!) and because that was on a weekend after a nice healthy brunch, I wasn't even tired after!! (though I was pretty darn sore for 3 days after!!)

I've been documenting my skates with photos of me giving the thumbs up at some landmarks around the area. Of course I haven't taken too many pictures of the places too close by, but that's just so I can save them for when it's pretty and green out!

I bought the skates on April 27th and just changed my first brake today, May 17th!

I can't wait to see how long it takes to go through this brake! (don't worry! I have 3 more before I need to buy more!)