May 13, 2015

Mother's Day for hens!

So I'm wondering... Is it morbid for me to give my chickens a Mother's Day present? I mean, they're all ladies, they lay eggs all the time... But there's no rooster so they're not fertilized so technically they're not mothers...?

Whatever. I made my hens a Mother's Day present. A new and improved roost!!

And as you can see I did leave the old one in there because I'm planning on kicking the babies out there soon... As soon as it stops SNOWING!! Seriously, snow in May is not a weird occurrence in NWO... Actually it's pretty typical! 

But really, look how huge they're getting! The only reason they're not bunking with the big girls is because at the moment I don't have any way of running electricity (ie. Heat) out there. The hens are just fine (in fact they enjoy the slushy, rainy, snowy crap we've been getting... Pretty sure they are crazy), but I just don't want my babies to freeze!!

... At least... Not until this weekend!