March 29, 2014

It's been a while...

I hardly know where to begin. Obviously apologies are in order, and I am SO sorry to the 1.5 people (persons?) out there who actually read this. Things sort of fell apart for me this past year, my life seemed to crumble under my feet. When things finally started looking better... Away it went again.

But none of this should matter. This blog should be a place where I can get away from it all. Let it out, vent, move on, relax and create.

So here we are again. Trying hard to be me. It's been a hectic year, but I'll try to condense it to a few pictures and you'll be right up to speed and we can be on our merry way!

Our horse group officially opened the new outdoor arena in the spring!

Even though the summer was windy and a little chilly, I spent much of my time on the water.

I took some riding lessons at the new arena in the fall (it was a blast!!)!!

Sold my baby that I'd only had for a year! (in favour of something a little bigger!)
I discovered love again.
Started a new project...
With a little help from my sister!

(ok, it actually looks pretty different now... this picture was almost 6 months ago!! but you get the idea!)
I had to say good-bye to my puppy <3
She was a good girl.

call: 1800 CAA HELP!!
Tried out the 4x4 in the new car! (works great until you hit the ditch)!

Carried on with the fitness thing. (That's Minutes, Miles and Calories at the top)
I was fortunate to take a ski trip during my first season.
Right into the mountains.

Naturally, I discovered that I am afraid of heights.

Learned a lot on this trip, can't wait to go back!
Found real happiness on the slope :)

And now we're caught up! Here I am, a year on, 25 pounds lighter, halfway done paying off my student debt... and ready for some adventure, starting now!