April 11, 2015

April 07, 2015

Any suggestions?

my poor man :(

Anyone with any horse experience have any suggestions for my boy? He's not putting weight on his front right and limps pretty decently when he does walk.

If things don't improve in a day or two I'm calling the vet (yes I am worried about my boy!)!

Coop Coming Along

Chicken day has been pushed back to Friday since the chicken truck (which I have to go meet in Thunder Bay, a 400km trek!) is running late. Because of the delay, the boyfriend won't be able to join me (can't get Friday off work)... but I gain two whole nights to work on the coop!
... not that I need it!
Last week Claude was working in Kenora all week so we didn't have a chance to work on the coop, but when I went out after the Easter weekend I saw THIS!

(sorry for the crappy quality shot, my camera and I aren't getting along right now)
Turns out Claude has the same restless problem I do... can't leave a project unfinished! Over the weekend (when I was eating FAR too much food and chocolate) he put the roof up (good call, I don't do heights too well at the moment) and windows in! 
Last night we worked on the trim around the roof and some insulation around the windows. My homework is to buy some spray foams for the corners, and some waterproof roof sealant. All that's left after that is to frame and hang the door, take it home, and fill it full of chickens!

Guess that vehicle!

Leave your guess in the comments! The winner will get a cookie!! (literally if you feel like giving me your mailing address!!)

Before you ask, its not mine. Just one of those things you see at work sometimes...

April 06, 2015

Max is limping today

Pretty badly. I've got so much on this week with my wannabe-farming but I'm so worried I just want to cry.