May 20, 2015

More Chickens!

My blog seems to be turning into a bit of a chicken blog lately... but I just can't help it! I love these little guys :) Pretty soon I will be acquiring about 40,000 other members to the little homestead, but for the time being my 12 fluffy feathered friends keep me occupied enough!

"Chicks" in the tractor getting to know the big lad
I introduced the chicks to the chickens last week but (when I was away from the place for a night for a friend's wedding social) my parents decided it was too cold and brought the chicks back inside to the warm (and WAY too small!!) brooder. True to form, it snowed this May Long weekend, so I held off on letting the chicks back outside until we got back out of the negative temperatures.

Last night, with the forecast remaining on the plus side for the foreseeable future, I threw the chicks back with the hens! They seemed to be getting along just fine this morning! 

This morning, two chickens and three chicks shared a nesting box!
And finally, on the chicken front... I'm FINALLY making money! The hens are laying beautifully! I've been getting almost constantly six eggs per day, and if the one hen would stop laying an egg from the top of the roost (which is a good 5 feet off the ground...) I'd get to keep all six!

So far I've only been selling to my boss at work, but hopefully my client base will expand soon. I would be selling more to others but she's already bought 4 dozen in the last week (she has a husband and two kids to feed so I understand!)!

One of today's dozens for the boss. Note the one lonely HUGE egg in there! That one must be a double yolker!
Hopefully we'll have a non-chicken related post sooner or later! Freezing temperatures behind us and frost nearly out of the ground, I should be moving on to gardening very soon!!