October 26, 2015

Autumn Welcome Back!

Ok so I'll be the first to admit that I still suck severely at blogging. But in my defense the last time you heard from me I posted a photo of me haying and if you don't know me, that means I'm 110% focused on getting that hay off the field (and -10% dedicated to the rest of my life... true story!)... and from there things sorta spiraled out of control... here's what's been happening for the last 3 months!

(ps. I did this to the tractor at one point... that's the wheel back there)
When I made that last post I had gone to look at a cute little house a couple kilometers down the road from home. Over the past 3 months I've submitted and offer, and secured financing for said house and should be moved in a month from now (more info to come as things unfold, promise!)!

A friend visited from Toronto and we attended the annual folk music festival in Ear Falls (north of home) called Trout Forest Music Fest. This was the second year Kyle flew all the way from Toronto to attend the small festival (but it's fair to say he's hooked!) and the boyfriends first time ever to attend (he seems pretty hooked too!).

Here's a few photos to get you up to speed!
I attended a Volkswagen Festival in southern Manitoba with the boyfriend and a couple of his friends.

Mum had a pretty good first year in her new gardens at the new house.

 I harvested some honey from my hives!! (I didn't get much but I learned a lot and am ready for next season!!)

 I lost some chickens :( (I started with 13, and was down to 8... but I bought some more and am back up to 13!)... here's the old gang before the fox struck
 ... no worries though, the foxes made a dent in my chicken population, so I made a dent in the fox population.
(no, I won't show you what I did to him next...)


 My birthday happened!!

And I taught myself how to crochet! (blanket in the making! I'll share the super simple granny square pattern that I've been using and show how things go and when I attach them to become an actual blanket!)

So now you're basically caught up with me!

Coming up will be winter preparations, moving, a trip to Hawaii and hopefully me not failing at this blog updating thing!