January 28, 2015

Back-to-Back updates... What??

Now don’t you get too excited about these back to back posts, I just didn’t want to include this gardening information in my sorry-I’ve-been-a-knob...again post because this gardening is important stuff and definitely deserves a post of its own!!
12 plugs on their first night, Wednesday January 28th.
So one week ago I was very bored at work and decided I needed to do something to take my mind off winter and start planning for a summer of gardening and farming and awesomeness... so I went and bought a bunch of seeds and some plugs.

Now I know what you're thinking... Shelly, it's too early for starting plants!!  And I agree, you're totally right! I won't be planing anything outside here (hardiness zone 2(a I think to be specific))
 until mid June... but I'm experimenting here!! I just want to see what I can start in my room and what I may be able to transplant into containers... who knows, by June I could have a few hearty plants ready for the new garden!!

I chose six greens to grow... I was going to stick with herbs but some spinach was just SCREAMING my name (or I was seed shopping after work and I was hungry... one of the two). So in that little container we have (starting on the left); Catnip, Parsley, Thyme, Dill, Basil and the aforementioned Spinach! As of yesterday (6 days in the soil), here's the progress:

Little bitty Catnip sprout!!
please tell me you can see that little Spinach too.
and that one? (little bitty Spinach sprout?)

And after LITERALLY 24 hours they've EXPLODED!!!
the Catnip was the star yesterday, now a little taller and with some friends in the other Catnip plug
both of these plugs feature the Spinach from yesterday... basically exploding overnight!!
and a newcomer to the party, some Basil!
Besides the new herbs, here's a photo (yep from instagram, I don't know where the original is right now, apologies) of my house plants from about 10 months ago:
Pineapple, Spider Plant, Poinsettia and Avocado!
And here they are now!
in the same order... but bigger pots and MUCH fuller! (and yes, my Poinsettia turned red all on its own!)
And the final piece of gardening news, I'm attempting to start three more Avocados! (My last one took 2 months to start showing any sign of improvement... so I'll try to keep you posted!)
(and yes, they were delicious!)

So that's about all on the gardening front for now... Keeping in mind that it is the end of January and (as mentioned) planting time doesn't really start here until mid June... so I'll try to keep the Gardening tag filled with my house planting and gardening prep!

Thanks for stopping by!

Aw hell...

Apparently I still can't get the blogging thing down... lets try this again...

Hi there! I'm Smooshe. Still here... Promise!
I'm Shelly (you can call me Smooshe though) I'm 25 and I sell automotive parts by day (to pay off a crippling student debt) and dream about being a farmer by night. Everything posted previous on this blog is true with a few additions.

Addition Number Uno.... I bought myself a horse. Last May to be exact.

Meet Max (Maximus... well actually, he's Sonny Deebar Delight, registered APHA)

I bought that beauty there just a week after his 13th birthday. He's a great man and I'm learning a heap from him!

A beautiful place to be.
I also took up farming. By that I mean I am working for my neighbour on a small farm. I started by doing chores and helping out with odd carpentry projects (building a corral, fence, barn floor...) and spent a good month mowing 120 acres with a 5 foot sickle bar mower!! (It was a very late harvest, but the field hadn't been worked for over 20 years.... it was fun though!!)

Honestly that pretty much brings you up to date.

It's a new year... I won't resolve to update more often but I'm going to try my darnedest!
(here, have another picture of me and my man since I'm so in love with him!)