January 28, 2015

Aw hell...

Apparently I still can't get the blogging thing down... lets try this again...

Hi there! I'm Smooshe. Still here... Promise!
I'm Shelly (you can call me Smooshe though) I'm 25 and I sell automotive parts by day (to pay off a crippling student debt) and dream about being a farmer by night. Everything posted previous on this blog is true with a few additions.

Addition Number Uno.... I bought myself a horse. Last May to be exact.

Meet Max (Maximus... well actually, he's Sonny Deebar Delight, registered APHA)

I bought that beauty there just a week after his 13th birthday. He's a great man and I'm learning a heap from him!

A beautiful place to be.
I also took up farming. By that I mean I am working for my neighbour on a small farm. I started by doing chores and helping out with odd carpentry projects (building a corral, fence, barn floor...) and spent a good month mowing 120 acres with a 5 foot sickle bar mower!! (It was a very late harvest, but the field hadn't been worked for over 20 years.... it was fun though!!)

Honestly that pretty much brings you up to date.

It's a new year... I won't resolve to update more often but I'm going to try my darnedest!
(here, have another picture of me and my man since I'm so in love with him!)

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