January 25, 2013

Fit Friday ~ #4

Happy Friday!!!

Are you as excited as I am for it to be Friday? Fun fact: For some crazy reason, I thought it was Friday... on TUESDAY this week! So needless to say this has been a very long week for me and I have REALLY been looking forward to the weekend!

I guess the only thing I can report on this Friday is that I'm still doing the elliptical thing regularly and keeping an eye on what kinds of food I eat, as well as the portion sized.

myfitnesspal's logo!
I told you about myfitnesspal, the app I've been using to track my food and exercise. It sounds a little obsessive, checking in with everything you eat and when you work out... but I'm finding it REALLY beneficial! I would totally recommend it to anyone! It's a real eye opener to let you know if you're over eating, or even under eating! The app will actually give you a little talking to if you don't eat the recommended amount of calories for your specific height, weight, sex, age and activity level.

So please, wander on over to the app store (or the website!) and check out the program... and feel free to add me as a friend! There are a lot of supportive people on there that you can lean on and learn from!

On that note... stay tuned for some "healthy" baking this weekend!

Cheers!!! xoxo!

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