April 01, 2015

Sunday Ride

This Sunday we went for another ride around Claude's property.

The forecast had been calling for rainy, snowy, windy, crappy weather... and it did not disappoint. We had a snowy, rainy morning and when we were on the trail wind gusts were up to 50km/h! It was insane (and made the animals a little jumpy)!

Aside from a little hiccough right off the hop (mum and I rode over to "pick up" Claude and Tracey then came back towards our place to start the ride) when an INSANELY noisy dirt bike met us on the road and spooked the horses (mine was the best, Max turned around and flat out galloped back to Tracey and Claude's driveway!!) No one got hurt and we continued on our way a little more excited than we'd like, but on horseback nonetheless.

A couple hours on horseback, excitable or not, windy and cloudy, or sunny and warm, (it really doesn't matter to me) is ALWAYS better than a couple hours spent in the house.

The horses are in full shed mode right now so I am spending some quality brushing / shedding blade time with my man. It seems to have taken a while, but the horses are finally relaxing into the place (they should, they've been here over 4 months!), both of them had been laying in the hay in the bush the other day, sunning themselves while I was at work... Lucky buggers!

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