March 30, 2015

Coop Building!

So I told you I was working on the coop, I promised photos and I don't want to disappoint!

My floor, wall and a couple of door panels
Last time I left the coop (last week actually, I just got around to typing earlier today!) All I had was a floor and a bit of a wall framed, Saturday I got some REAL work done.

The primary building materials on this job are a thing we call door panels. What they really are, are when a steel door is made to have a window, the center is cut out to make room for the glass and what's left is a slightly smaller than standard door sized piece of Styrofoam that has steel on two sides. This is an insanely lightweight but freakishly sturdy building material that's super affordable!

By the end of Saturday, my framed wall had panels screwed to it, a second wall framed and the bottom lined with panels (ready for my windows), a third wall framed and paneled and the roof rafters in place. Talk about a busy day!

Pending weather today I'll be working again after the day-job on the coop, I sincerely hope to have it finished and home by the long weekend so I can figure out where it's to sit until the lawn is melted enough for it to find a permanent home (There's still a couple feet of snow covering the front lawn where I'd hoped to put it!).

I'm learning so much right now in the construction. Even though I'm not doing much of the hands on building, I feel like I'm gaining SO much experience that I KNOW I'll be using down the road (hopefully sooner than later!!).

The chickens will be here in less than 2 weeks!! It's crunch time!

It's coming along! (Very muddy and snowy there!)

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