March 24, 2015

The Bees are Coming!

On Wednesday night I participated in the inaugural meeting of the Cloverbelt Beekeeper’s Association.

A few months ago (and don’t ask me why, but I just did) I had a whim that I wanted to be a beekeeper this year.

I honestly can’t tell you where this idea came from. Yes, I knew a girl I went to school with in high school had gotten herself a few hives, but besides liking the photo she’d posted on facebook I hadn’t given it a second though. Heck, I don’t even really like honey (bring on the masses…). But I do know the benefits of having pollinators on a farm and I know that everyone is always looking to buy “real” honey.

Since I don’t have my own property yet, I really don’t want to start getting livestock yet, what better way to get into farming than 10,000 of my own critters? Some accounts I’ve read have declared bees easier to take care of than chickens so I decide that was my project this summer.

I’ve contacted a bee farm in Manitoba which is probably going to provide me with bees better suited to my cold NOW climate as opposed to bees from Ontario… which means Southern Ontario (since apparently NOW doesn’t exist) and should be able to pick up a couple nucs in May! Just that simple!

Well actually it’s a bit more complicated. I’m trying to do it properly so I’m applying for an OMAFRA license and I’ve joined the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association. I’ve acquired some boxes from a friend (but they’ll take a little work to get ready) and am in the market for hive and beekeeper equipment.

Fortunately almost two dozen people (both noobies and current and past beekeepers) were at the meeting this week so I will have plenty of human resources to pull knowledge from!

I’m pretty excited to start preparing my hives for the new tenants and can hardly wait to get the bees home!

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