March 23, 2015

Soil and Crop meeting and much to consider!

This past week I attended a local Soil and Crop meeting and learned just how much more I have to learn about agriculture in this area! We talked about soil pH, tillage, white mold and so many other things, I think my $25 membership will be well spent.

All that talk of land and soil got me thinking…

I did some thinking about the property and decided that (considering all the work that was needed) I wouldn't be putting an offer in there just yet... but don't worry, I haven't given up on a property, just not that property! 

I did go check out another property this weekend. 78 acres with a trailer and a (less than ideal) garage and small shed. I'll be checking out the land once the snow melts more (yes, we still have snow at the end of March...) but I'm not too hopeful, it looked like a lot of swamp… not so good for farming.

I’m keeping my ears and eyes open though (and the community is crawling with my spies!!). I’ve been hearing about a lot of residents and summer residents in the area who are thinking of selling property so if the perfect opportunity comes up, I’ll be ready!

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