February 18, 2015

I had a small problem...

As anyone who has indoor plants (or who has brought outdoor plants indoors for the winter) will know... sometimes bugs happen.

Last winter I ripped the top off a pineapple and planted it in a pot (seriously, it was pretty much that simple). The thick green leaves are flourishing a year later... but somehow that little bugger has attracted (or brought in) a bunch of what I can only guess are some version of white flies. I didn't notice them much last winter but since this fall I've seen a number of the thinner-than-fruit-fly little buggers in my room.

You know things are bad when they start flying up your nose when you're trying to sleep.

Something had to be done. 

So I borrowed from my mother a pack of Safer's Sticky Sticks, and within a few days I'd caught several dozen little flies! I couldn't believe it! I knew there were a few of them but I ever imagined that many!

Sticky Sticks! (The name doesn't lie, don't get them on your fingers!!)
Conclusion: Great product, highly recommended!

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