February 16, 2015

Happy Family Day!

I hope everyone had a great Valentines (/ Singles Awareness) Day and are now enjoying their long weekend courtesy of Family day (or whatever it's called where you are today)(unless you don't get a holiday today then I'm sorry)!

My V-day was spent in Kenora (a beautiful little tourist town an hour west of home) with my honey. He bought me lunch at the Cornerstone, a great little pub which came highly recommended and did not disappoint, entertained my whim to visit a winter farmer's market and sampled tea with me at Spirit Oak Tea Company.

Maple Sugar, Raspberry Tartlet and Kenora Sunset

The farmer's market was small but considering the population of the area, it had a good variety (but you should see the summer market!!). There were a couple of different local meat suppliers, a few tables of baked goods, some handmade jewelery and some jam. We bought some pomegranate and some crab apple jam.

Temperatures were pretty bloody frigid (in the -40s with the windchill!) which made coming home to a nice warm cup of loose leaf tea so much more enjoyable! I just got in from watering the horses (only the -20s today!) but I'm in love with this Maple Sugar tea!

Frosty ponies! (nice tongue Max!)
Happy Family Day!

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