February 06, 2013

Wish Wednesday!! ~ #6

Hey hey!! It's another #wishwednesday and I hope you're surviving the week! 

This week's going to be a short(er... ish) week for me... I get to go to the dentist on Friday!! (Ok, I'm not usually so excited about dentists... in fact, I hate them. But I lost a filling -- before Christmas... yeah, I know, long time ago -- and it's starting to bug me and I'm SO looking forward to that being over!)

And did I mention that next week I'm going on holiday? Well, technically it's the week after, but I leave on Thursday next week! More details to come!! But for now.... On to the pretties!!!

All things UK belong in my room. Might have to do with that little trip I took last year...  Just a guess!

Sorta reminds me of my iPhone case which I LOVE! And TOTALLY reflects my love for adventure!!

Another ModCloth? Of course!! There were also plates and utensils... but I need the bowls!!

I am in LOVE with the whole "food table" idea. Look! It's brunch!! Could this get any better??

I want a head board. As someone who moves around a lot, I feel like having a head board says "This is my home". I want that.

aaannnnd as I mentioned.... there it is!! I guess I can't really "want" this... since I have it!! But I love it!!

I know everyone (like the page I got these from) says that these are "faux pas"... but I loved mine! I want them back. Perfect weekend pants. I Don't care what you say, I loved my Gauchos!

See you Friday!!!!!


links: Rug - UrbanOutfitters, Bowls - ModCloth, Phone Case - Society6, Brunch Table - Celebrations at Home, Pillow - ModCloth, Headboard - tatertots&jello, Gaucho Pants - ANDPOP

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    Ps that headboard looks awesome and I want it too!