January 02, 2013

Wish Wednesday!

I started doing #wantwednesday a long time ago on twitter, so I'd really like to carry it on to my blog. I'm going to switch over to the more popular #wishwednesday hash tag, so mosey on over to twitter and follow me there too! @smooshe

So for my very first Wish Wednesday I'm going to just go all over the board so I can share my interests with you... let me know what you think! (and feel free to mail me goodies!!!) :)

thank-you modcloth!!
Look at this GORGOUS spice rack!!
I can't believe that's aluminum and wood!! So innovative!
I would love to have some of these in my log cabin.... when I get my log cabin!!
...maybe some flats though...
I know some people have a problem with the "tribal" thing going on in fashion these days... but I LOVE IT!!
This would be great in a small kitchen!
I'll take 2 please!!
Glow in the dark bubbles? yes please!!!!
To do this!!!

Cheers!! xoxo
Links: Spice Rack - ModCloth, Benches - creative-furniture, Tribal Dress - A'GACI, Glow in the Dark Bubbles - Budget101

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