January 07, 2013

Weekend Baking

I love baking.

Plain and simple. I absolutely LOVE baking. I'm in the zone, my element, heaven, when my hands are caked with butter, sugar and flour.

So it seemed like a pretty simple challenge to set for myself for this year:

Bake something new every weekend.

Sounds easy enough, but between work and living with no proper grocery store in the small town that I do, it's actually more difficult than you'd think.

This weekend --the first weekend of 2013-- I got a bit of a slow start on this challenge. I only managed to complete one new bit of baking. (I word it that way because I still managed to slip in one other recipe... left-over-eggnog pudding! But I don't count it as new because pudding is hardly new!!)

Galette des rois and holy are they yummy!! Mine aren't nearly as pretty as the site I found the recipe on!
I plan to share the recipes and many photos of my baking, but for this first post, I won't be doing that. The main reason is because I took the recipe directly off another blog with only very minor alterations (la receta de la felicidad) But the other reason is because I was too excited about making then eating them that I didn't get many pictures!

So please do me a favour and go over to LRF and make these delicious little flaky bundles of almond joy for yourself at home and thank @SandeeA for the amazing recipe!!

My little baking buddy, Cocoa (apt name...) She helps so I never need to sweep after baking!
Cheers!!! xoxo

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