January 11, 2013

Fit Friday 2.0

Last week I told you about my intention to get (and keep!) physically fit this year, this week I want to talk about the other thing I want to get in shape... my finances!

I graduated college in 2010 (after also attending a year and a bit of university) and along with my Baking and Pastry certificate, I took approximately $30,000 home with me. I come from a small town in Northwestern Ontario, so post-secondary education always means leaving home. If you've done this... you can sympathize with me!! If not... just go look at that number again and be happy your parents (or other relatives) put you up or help you out!!

Since then (because that was almost three years ago!) I worked at home for a year, lived in England for another year (refer to smooshetravels!) and now we're half way through that third year and I'm doing the working at home thing again.

In that time I've managed to reduce my debt to about $18,600 (not too bad for someone with no real career in that time!) But now is crunch time.

As a result of my financial situation, my relationship status took a massive hit and (for reasons other than my finances) I am 23 and living with my parents... But those are two completely different stories and I don't really feel up to delving into them just yet... but I digress.

So here's the plan! I want to get a handle on those finances and (I know this sounds a bit optimistic but...) I want to get rid of that damn debt!! Now I know it's very unlikely that I can get rid of it in one year, so that's why I'm going to set a more realistic goal!! By 2014 I want to have $5,000 stashed in my savings and my bank loan (which is sitting pretty at $5,806), completely gone and I want to be started in (hopefully WELL in) on that darn OSAP loan.

Don't get OSAP. Ever. OSAP is the spawn of all things evil.

Did I mention how OSAP sucks the life out of you? Want proof? Take a look at my miserable life. I blog because I hope that somone out there will read it and take pity on me and follow and comment so I don't feel so alone in this big stupid world.

I hate life.

.... And I digress.

So there are my finances. I hate money, but I need money so the creditors stay off my back. You will be reading about this often, I'm sure... And hopefully someone out there can rejoice with me when the debt is gone!!

But until then.... here's a cute picture of a puppy underwater!
Who thinks of this stuff?!!?!?
Cheers!! xoxo,

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  1. I've had a very rough year too (also things I don't want to delve into) so I hear ya and you're not alone, not by a long shot. Let's hope 2013 brings better things.