April 25, 2015

Open for suggestions again!

My chickens have been home for two weeks now but haven't laid any eggs!! I'm looking for possible suggestions on how to kick things into gear (before they end up in the freezer! Rent isn't free around here ladies!!)

Here's what I can tell you that 's been done, being done and will be done:

Sunrise today was 6:01am, sunset is going to be at 8:20pm.
Last week was a very cold one (below zero every night and it snowed. Don't worry, the coop is very well insulated!)
I still need to make an adjustment to the roost but they HAVE been using it (both rungs!)
I am building some nesting boxes tonight, more enclosed than the small dog crate that's in there right now (my neighbor said that would be all they'd need but I think they just like to hide in there)
I have noticed that they have gotten a bit bigger since arriving, so I'm wondering if I didn't just get a group of slightly-too-young chickens?

So what are your thoughts??

The Ladies appear to be on strike...

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