February 19, 2015

Tomatoes on my lunch break

Let's play a little game of what's in Shelly's purse.
When I attended a friend's bridal shower in October (The same friend I made the pies for!) one of the games we played made the ladies in attendance empty their purses and for various items you received different points (more common items less points, unique items more points) here's a link to a similar game (sadly I couldn't find the one we used)... but you get the idea. (ours had a handgun on it... not sure about that, concealed weapons aren't really that popular around here)

So, I digress... What's in Shelly's purse?

Here's a hint, I've blogged about it recently.

It's going to fit right in on my window sill.

um.... it fits in my purse (which isn't a purse, it's barely bigger than some womens' wallets, really... but it works).

Haven't guessed it?


I'm so beyond stoked. I bought some Kale, Lavender and Rosemary at good old Wal-Mart (hey, we only have one greenhouse in town and it's closed between October and May, don't judge!) and today my heirloom tomato seeds were delivered!

Don't ask me how (I really can't remember) I found TomatoFest a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't help myself when I saw all the pretty heirloom varieties. The colours, shapes.... Lets just say it was pretty much porn for the girl lusting for potting soil under her nails. 

I ordered a fun little selection of tomatoes to get me going this summer and as a bonus the generous folks threw in a free packet!

I hope in a few weeks I can show you the tomato seedlings but for now I'll continue playing with my other three packets (still not enough daylight around here so my plants are a little spindly).

The tomatoes I ordered were: Spoon, Gold Nugget, Beefsteak, Blue Berries and Aunty Ginny's Purple. They threw in a packet of Wickline Cherry for free!

**for the record, I will not be planting anytime soon... apologies for the grainy picture, I was busy shivering**

technically speaking, that's freaking cold.

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