February 25, 2015

How's that garden coming along anyway...

It's still February out there.

It's still bloody cold out there.

Seriously folks I woke up again to -30C on the thermometer. Not impressed Canada, not impressed. But the weekend is calling for single digit minus temperatures so I'll keep my eyes on that prize and hopefully get some riding in this weekend!

I figured I owed you a garden update since I haven't mentioned it in a while. Everything is doing spindly-well. I didn't expect much but if I was looking for some flavourful little green sprouts, I succeeded!! (I trimmed the top leaf off one of the lettuces the other day, WOW was it delicious!!)

My little herb garden. Dill, Basil and Catnip (I think basil is the clear winner here!)

My salad garden (I told you it was spindly!!)

Parsley is pretty thin too... and the thyme is slow going!!

The spinach has slowed right down, but as long as it keeps growing out like it is (not up) I'm happy!

Stay tuned this weekend for some horseback riding (hopefully) and an exciting announcement (well maybe this weekend for that one... we'll see how things go!!)!!!

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